High School Student?


Hmmm.... I think it's really really long holiday. Sometimes feel happy, bored, happy, bored, happy, bored huft! Sometimes my friend sent me a chat and she asked, "What are you doing right now?" When I turned on my phone, then showing up a notification like that.
Alright, I want to tell you a story. Maybe it's not funny anymore hahaha. This holiday, I took TOEFL course because I got bad score in my past TOEFL test. When I started going to my university, there was a TOEFL test for new students in my university. My schedule was at 1 p.m. and it was time for sleeping, right? When listening section was started, I dozed off in the middle of section. OMG, I've passed many numbers in my listening section. It was fool moments in my first year in univeristy.
So,  I decided taking course in this long holiday. I took course at  my university language center. When I started my first day of course, there was a girl who started a shock conversation. This girl was youngest student in my class and she was smartest student than the other students. And this is my shock conversation with her :

G : "Hey, how do you get this book?"
M : "Mmmmm...." (Why this girl not say hello first? Sigh!)
G : "???"
M : "When registering, I got this book."
G : "Ok, thanks." (She ran to the first floor)
Then, she was back and we started first lesson.
M : "Ummm... are you student in this university?"
G : "No, I've graduated from high school. Now, I'm taking TOEFL course for new student's         requirements."
M : "Oooo... So, what's major do you want?"
G : "Doctor hehe."
G : "Ummm wait.... Are you student in this university?"
M : "Yes!"
G : "Oo... university student?" (What have you been thinking of??? High school student?)
M : "Now I'm at third year."
G : "Oooo... third year. Wow hehe..." (She ended our conversation then. Ok. Feel awkward...)

I was thinking this girl has thought that I'm same with her. Yaaaa... actually, many people still thinking that I'm a high school student or first year student in university. Or maybe they judge from my face? But, my body height isn't normal for my age hahaha. Oh thanks god I'm still look young at my age hahaha.

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